Don't you just love it when life imitates art? A suburban mother starts hustlin' and eventually becomes the leader of a multi-million dollar marijuana-growing operation. Sounds like Weeds, right? Andrea Sanderlin, who resides in the Westchester suburb of Scarsdale, was arrested two weeks ago when her Mercedes SUV pulled into the Queens warehouse where her product was held. 

Authorities say Sanderlin cultivated nearly 3,000 plants and raked in $3 million. The New York Post reports that the feds learned about her in April when someone snitched on her following a bust. The 45-year-old is being held at a federal jail in Brooklyn and faces a minimum 10-year sentence if convicted. It's almost frightening how many similarities the single mother of three has to Nancy Botwin.

The Post was smart enough to reach out to Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, who said “It’s tough being a stay-at-home mom — you have to make ends meet’." True indeed, but the feds don't want to hear that.

[via NY Post]