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According to a recent survey by Harris Poll, Americans are sadvery sad. In a depressing revelation, just 33 percent of Americans say they are happy. That's a two percent drop from 2009 when they economy fell apart. There are also specific groups who are considerably less happy than they've been in the past. 

“For certain groups, such as minorities, recent graduates and the disabled, they are actually sub-segments of the American population where ‘happiness’ has trended downward in the last couple years,” said Harris Senior Vice President Regina Corso

"Generation Y" is referred to as the "Most Stressed Generation" due to seemingly insurmountable student loan debt, as well as the plight of underemployment or underemployment. Depending on how old you are and where you are in your career, that has to resonate. However, the poll did reveal that happiness levels increase with age. There is hope.

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