The myth of the dirty professor isn't so much of a myth anymore. Robert Ammon, Jr., professor and chair of the Slippery Rock University's sports management department, was fired for telling a female student she would be his "favorite" if she "sucked his dick." Here's how the 2010 incident went down, in graphic detail:

n 2010, he led 19 students on a spring break trip to Spain. A student complained about a night Ammon accompanied students to a bar, asked each student how many sexual partners they had had, and said that he had had 100 partners, five of them after he was married. Also that night, a student asked Ammon to name his favorite student, and he reportedly said that one of the female students in the group would be his favorite "if she sucked his dick."

Ammon appealed his termination, but a judge upheld the decision, effectively signaling the end of his career in education. Now, the only thing he can do is bartend or write a book.

[via Gawker and Inside Higher Ed]