Rockaway Beach was already the most expensive in America, then Hurricane Sandy came along and made it smaller. Now, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will dump even more money into it to replace the sand lost as a result of the superstorm, thus making America's most expensive beach even more expensive.

The 6.2 mile beach was blessed with an influx of cash at the end of the 1970s, prompting the Army Corps to add millions of dollars worth of sand. Unfortunately, funds were depleted by 2004 and Hurricane Sandy's waves ate devoured the sand last fall, claiming 1.5 billion cubic yards. This summer, the Army Corps will spend $10 million replacing just half of the sand that was lost. 

Prior to Hurricane Sandy, the beach had already received $216,928,138 since 1926. The runner up? Virginia Beach, which has received $203,944,955.

[via WNYC]