Creators: Hanna-Barbera
Networks (Years): ABC (1974-1976)

Years before Wu appropriated kung fu culture, Hanna-Barbera made its own blacks x martial arts collabo with this '70s cartoon. 'Cept, unlike RZA and 'em, the show was less about homage and more like a D.P. of racial tropes. First clue? The title. Second: The main character-a bumbling dog who works as a janitor at a police station-is voiced by Scatman Crothers, the jive-talkin' talent behind Jazz of The Transformers. And third, the dog's Hong Kong Phooey alter ego-with its goofy robe, silly faux-karate moves, and "hiyaaah!" exclamations-was basically an amalgam of the stereotypes that kids use to mock Asian people to this day. Hmmm, wonder why?!?!