Mischa Barton hasn't had a massive amount of commercial success since she left The O.C.—let's be real, it's truebut back in 2008, she was still relevant, and therefore a major fixture in the tabloids. That was also the general time period that the real-life Bling Ring were robbing houses, so it's no surprise that the group of celebrity-obsessed teens were in the know about her life.

It's also no surprise that she would be mentioned in Sofia Coppola's film based on the burglar teens, The Bling Ring—no surprise to everyone except Barton, that is.

In a tweet posted yesterday, Barton slammed both The Bling Ring and director Coppola for mentioning her name briefly in the film, in the form of one character telling another that Barton had gotten a DUI (which she did, in December 2007). 

The line is literally just "Mischa Barton got a DUI," so we're not exactly sure what there is to be offended aboutit's not like anyone magically forgot it happened. It's on her Wikipedia page! But OK, to each their own...

A few minutes later, Barton followed up with one more tweet about the film:

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[via Houston Chronicle]