After portraying presidential hopeful Sarah Palin in the 2012 HBO movie Game Change, it seems that Julianne Moore is moving on up—to President. According to Deadline, the actress is in talks to appear in the upcoming installment of The Hunger Games franchise, Mockingjay, as President Alma Coin, the president of District 13 who is described as a "manipulative politician who figures brightly in the finale" as Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) becomes a "symbol of rebellion against the autocratic Capitol government." 

Whether or not Moore takes the role, we should have our answer quickly—production should be starting soon (the film is poised for a November 2014 release date. Mockingjay is the final installment of The Hunger Games films, and it's been previously announced that like other major books franchises turned movie franchises, it will be split up into two films. Moore would have a starring role in both.

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[via Deadline]