If you thought the theatrical version of Spring Breakers was as hazy and dream-like as films come, wait until the DVDaccording to Chris Lee, a staff entertainment writer for the LA Times, director Harmony Korine revealed he's "remixing" the film for the DVD. In fact, he used the word "sizzurped":

If you're not familiar with what sizzurp is, we posted an essay all about it back in March: Also referred to as "purple drank," it's a blend of Promethazine-Codeine cough syrup with jolly ranchers and a carbonated soft drink, and it was responsible for Lil' Wayne's major health scare earlier this year. For users, it induces feelings of euphoria and lethargy. We're not sure how all of this is going to translate to the "chopped and screwed" DVD version of the film, but it is giving us flashbacks to James Franco's trippy Spring Breakers-themed music video for his band, Daddy.

Spring Breakers is set to be released on DVD in the US on July 9th.

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[via Bleeding Cool]

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