Expectations were high for Superman III after the massive success of the first two, and in order to make this installment in the franchise the best one yet, the producers decided to add Richard Pryor. The studio cast the famous comedian, who was a mega-star at the time, in the role of bumbling computer engineer Gus Gorman, in order to bring even more humor to the film. Revolving around Clark Kent’s return to Smallville and his run-ins with a villainous multimillionaire named Ross Webster, who was a poor-man’s Lex Luthor, this movie was a certified dud when it crash landed in 1983.

The film ignored the dynamics between Clark Kent and Lois Lane, introduced a flat villain, and featured some truly eye-rolling comedy throughout. The result was a movie that failed to properly carry on the Superman mantle and almost killed the franchise in the process. But there was still one nail left to be driven into the coffin.