Network: NBC
Air dates: 1982-1986
Stars: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson, Rebecca Holden

Knight Rider spawned two made-for-TV movies, two television series reboots, and a feature film, so it must be good, right? No. Because, get this, a talking robotic car does not make for a terribly dynamic co-star. Even in the first season, the show resorted to plots that stretched the limits of the already absurd premise. One episode we reviewed, (Season 1, Episode 12, "A Plush Ride") involved a character convincing Michael Knight (Hasselhoff) to hit the road without his trusty car, which is similar to convincing Bruce Wayne to fight crime sans Batman gear.

Of course, we feel for the writing staff, who were saddled with the tough task of keeping this pretty narrow premise feeling fresh. As you can imagine, the creative team was done no favors by the cast anchored by the swaggering bravado of Mr. Hasselhoff. Unfortunately, in reviewing shows we can't really give points for degree of difficulty.

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