We were sifting through the old Tech Channel mailbag the other day and we noticed that many of you are asking us the same question: "How can I look more attractive in my Facebook profile picture?" It makes sense that this would be a common question. Facebook has replaced awkward glances as the primary mode of flirtatious interaction and anyone who is on the market wants to show their wares in the best light. It is incredibly difficult to find a profile picture that makes you look as amazing as possible while maintaining the illusion that your pic was effortlessly created and not the result of painstakingly rejecting dozens of photos until you found the one that made your shoulder muscles look swoll.

If you've spent hours pouring through all of your albums, from "Spring Break 2009" to "Mobile Uploads" and you still haven't found that perfect picture, we're here to help. There are a number of things you can do to up your selfie game and create that perfect profile pic. From adjusting the light in the room to adjusting the rhythmic movements of your buttocks, here are 15 Ways You Can Look More Attractive in Facebook Pictures.