Whatever drugs Gilbert Sweazey took transformed him into a beast. Last week, the 36-year-old was seen running through the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. It was pretty hard to miss him because he was butt-ass naked. Perhaps in a Grand Theft Auto mood, he tried to commandeer a vehicle, but the driver managed to fight him off. 

When police caught up with Sweazey, he used his superhuman naked man strength to deck a cop in the face and withstand a blast of pepper spray to the face. After fleeing into an alley, Sweazey tried yet again to steal a vehicle before hopping a fence and extending the chase.

Police found him using his substance-fueled strength to choke out a Citizens Energy Group plant employee with a metal pipe and were somehow able to take him into custody. Sweazey—who kind of resembles Popeye Jones—was charged with battery and resisting an officer.

[via Chicagoist]