Star Trek Into Darkness may be killing it in the box office, but there's at least one scene in it that screenwriter Damon Lindelof is unhappy with: According to The Guardian, Lindelof is apologizing for the "gratuitous" scene featuring actress Alice Eve stripping to her underwear while she changes into another outfit.

"I copped to the fact that we should have done a better job of not being gratuitous in our representation of a barely clothed actress," Lindelof tweeted of the scene in question, before adding in another tweet, "We also had Kirk [Chris Pine] shirtless in underpants in both movies. Do not want to make light of something that some construe as mysogenistic [sic]." He rounded up his apology with one last tweet: "What I'm saying is I hear you, I take responsibility and will be more mindful in the future." 

The scene in question featured Eve's character, science office Carol Marcus, stripping to her underwear before changing into a "a special torpedo disarming outfit."

Lindelof has previously brought up the scene and the fact that it's pointless and primarily only there to pander to male audiences: In an email to MTV, Lindelof wrote, "Why is Alice Eve in her underwear, gratuitously and unnecessarily, without any real effort made as to why in God's name she would undress in that circumstance? Well there's a very good answer for that. But I'm not telling you what it is. Because... uh... MYSTERY?" AKA, no reason at all. At least he's honest.

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[via The Guardian]