It wouldn't be Hollywood without the occasional franchise reboot we didn't ask for but shall receive anyway. The next film series to receive the reboot treatment: According to The Wrap, none other than '90s franchise Leprechaun - yes, the one that launched Jennifer Aniston's career, and featured six movies total including one that starred Ice-T. The latter was Leprechaun: In the Hood, in case you didn't know. It's kind of a classic.

Anyway, the reboot will be helmed by Zach Lipovsky, who is best known for being a contestant on Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett's short-lived reality series about up and coming filmmakers On the Lot. It's being produced by Lionsgate in conjunction with WWE - they're on board with the project because, instead of once again starring Warwick Davis as the titular leprechaun, it's going to star WWE superstar Hornswoggle instead. 

As for the formatting or plot of the reboot, there's not much info about it yet, but the original was about a evil leprechaun who was searching for his pot of gold. The new script, however, is being kept under wraps, because the franchise is going in a "new direction" - because this is definitely a movie that people would be pissed if they heard spoilers about. Totally.

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[via The Wrap]