One: Yes, The Human Centipede franchise nabbed an Oscar nominee to star in the upcoming third film. This is shocking. Two, however: It's Eric Roberts, who, despite being Julia Roberts' brother and getting an Oscar nomination for his role in the 1985 film Runaway Train, has since gone on to pepper his IMDb page with paycheck projects like A Talking Cat?! and Sharktopus. Sure, he was in 2008's The Dark Knight, but that's not enough to overshadow the fact that he voiced a talking cat in a movie that used Comic Sans font in its trailer. Seriously, go look at his IMDb page, it's the wildest thing. This guy must never turn down a job.

Anyway...according to Salon, Roberts has taken a role in the upcoming Human Centipede 3, though it's not specified who he'll actually be playing. IMDb, however, states that he'll be portraying the "Governor," who, hopefully, is nothing like the Governor we're used to seeing in The Walking Dead. Actually, if franchise helmer Tom Six sticks with his original plan of making the third installment look "like a Disney movie" by including a 500-person human centipede, though, it's very possible that Roberts' Governor character will just be one of those guys! We will pray, for his sake, that it is not the dude at the very end.

Roberts' role in The Human Centipede 3 comes in addition to his upcoming roles in: Six Gun Savior, Dead Ringer, Deep Terror, The Perfect Summer, A Remarkable LifeThe Redeemer, Wrong Number, Buddha Eyes, RockLand, This Lonely Life, Only One Way Out, Charlie East...and 46 other various projects. Seriously, go look at that IMDb page. It's insane. Does Eric Roberts sleep?

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[via Salon]