We all know it's easy to space out from your environment while surfing Facebook, but in their new ad for Facebook Home, it seems like even CEO Mark Zuckerberg can't compete against his own creation. 

In Facebook's new "Launch Day" ad for AT&T, Zuckerberg congratulates his team before the launch of Facebook Home. Zuck gives a rising speech while one of his employees flips through Facebook Home on his phone - with his boss only a few feet away. We've all done that at least once, right? 

Each thing the employee sees on Facebook pops out into the office. A goat screams into Zuck's face, a racquetball player runs through the aisles, and a dude dressed in boxers jumps into a pool. 

The commercial was filmed at the Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., and stars the actual production team. Guess Zuckerberg has a sense of humor after all. 


[Via The Verge]