Is Apple the greatest computer company ever? That's debatable. What's not up for discussion, however, is the fact that Apple is one of the most adored and obsessed-over companies—computer or otherwise—in history. No other company has managed to repeatedly captivate the masses—geeks, artists, and casual users alike—with each product it has developed. With every release, Apple has delivered exactly what the game was missing, whether it was a computer our grandmothers could set up, or a phone that simplified the most arduous of tasks. It has defined markets, set product trends, and made companies reevaluate their entire game plans. 

All of that has lead to the development of a cult-like following that makes Lady Gaga's army of "monsters" seem like a septuagenarian bridge club. In its 37 years, the company that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded in a garage in Palo Alto, California has grown to be a worldwide force, one that has eclipsed its rivals.

Despite selling more and more of its industrially beautiful products, many still wonder if the brand, now under the leadership of former COO Tim Cook, can continue to wow fans and critics. Only time can tell. Before that happens, we decided it would be a good time to look back at the 50 Greatest Moments in Apple's History. Here's to the future. And the crazy ones.