A massive Manhattan coke ring just put themselves out of business after posting a series of incriminating photos and videos online, reports The New York Post

The Lower East Side-based "Blocc Boyz" posted photos of their exploits at Queens strip joint "Perfection" on Facebook and Instragram, including shots of them waving wads of cash and flashing gang signs, said The Post. Other gangsters posted videos to YouTube, making it easy for police to track their whereabouts and accuse 41 men and women of conspiracy and drug sales. 

According to The Post, the gang had blasted a text after Hurricane Sandy saying they were very much still in business—and looking forward to reinvesting their assistance checks into it. As assistant district attorney Michelle Warren told the judge, "This is a long-term operation that has made a tremendous amount of money in New York City, upstate New York, Westchester County and New Jersey." 

[via New York Post]

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