Apparently kids aren't learning sound judgement during their college years. The Indiana University chapter of Kappa Delta donned "homeless" disguises and pestered people for food and money as part of their homeless-themed party.

To add legitimacy to their ridiculous costumes, they also wore signs with colorful messages such as "Will Twerk..." and "Why lie? It's for BOOZE. Homeless need $ and prayers." Strangely enough, the first half of the latter message is actually an honest statement. Anyway, an Indiana University student sent photos from the event to Jezebel, along with this note:

Just so you know, Bloomington, IN (home of IU) has a disproportionately high homeless population. They're typically the target of a lot of shit from students. They get treated pretty badly. It's actually really sad—one of the places homeless people tend to hang out is right across from the most popular student bar in Bloomington, and on pretty much any given night, you can hear students loudly ridiculing the homeless population while they sip their drinks. Students will be out canning for money for their big national philanthropies, but when a homeless person asks for a quarter, they'll tell him or her to get a job. The greek system here does do a lot of philanthropic work, but homelessness, which is one of the biggest local problems we have, and a problem that the greek system has the opportunity to really help, is completely ignored.

So in summary, students ridicule the homeless and then use them as the "inspiration" for parties. That's almost too classy for words. Jezebel also spoke to a Duke University student and asked why members of Greek organizations are so prone to having parties with offensives themes. The answer will not shock you:

"Dressing up in a ludicrous summation of an entire people and culture just seems like another crazy risk, getting laughs from your peers for creativity or absurdity," one told us. "It is laced with the subversive, your parents wouldn't approve, you wouldn't put it on your resume, but for awhile 'but it's college!' is enough of an excuse for a lot of questionable behavior."

"Sometimes it feels like the greek community is a completely separate population," our Indiana tipster wrote, "a place where all of the rich white kids on campus can go play and indulge their racist tendencies and their classist and sexist urges without the threat of anyone catching them or punishing them."

So, in other words, there's no good reason. This has been a shameful week for sororities across the nation, especially after the female Ari Gold of the University of Maryland's Delta Gamma chapter ethered her "sisters" for being socially awkward and introduced the "c***punt" to our lexicon. 

What's next?

[via Jezebel]

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