You can't tell us that watching this doesn't make you wish that mom and pop VHS rental places were still a thing. 

You know the ones, beaded curtains, lots of horror films, B movies no one has ever heard of, the good stuff. Which is exactly where you would find this live-action tie-in for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Cyber War, aside from sounding like an Image Comics title from the early 90s, is one more layer of irony icing on the already deliciously self aware title that's coming to Xbox Live Arcade May 1 and PlayStation Network on April 30

Cyber War follows the exploits of Commander Bolt Lightning and his team of cyber commandos as they race to stop nuclear annihilation and a computer virus that will put all cyborgs under the control of the nefarious Omega. Turns out Omega is just a guy in a motorcycle helmet with LED lights glued to it. Our favorite bit is probably the VCR they use to transmit the virus while hiding out in an abandoned arcade. Give a watch and thank us later.

[via Corridor Digital]