Twitter Handle: @nprmonkeysee
Writes At: NPR Monkey See, MSNBC, Vulture, formerly of Television Without Pity

With her "Monkey See" blog and as part of the "Pop Culture Happy Hour," podcast, Linda Holmes brings the wit and intellect to TV coverage at NPR. The former attorney's thoughtful spins on zetgeist-y ideas makes her blog addictive.

Marketing for women has been a popular topic of conversation lately (R.I.P. "Pens for Her"), and her meditation on the female car buying process, "Men are from Mars, Women... Love Cup Holders," is insightful, hilarious, and full of references from someone who has clearly suffered through innumerable sexist commercials.

Though Complex's audience may bristle at her article in defense of Cheers in response to Matthew Zoller Seitz awarding The Simpsons a higher place of honor on sitcom Olympus, her argument that people love The Simpsons because they "speak Simpson,"—that viewers have made The Simpsons quotes into an essential language of comedy nerds, and that objective distance from the show is impossible —is compelling.