Twitter Handle: @KenLevine
Writes At: Ken Levine

For all of you would-be writers out there, a cushy TV job is the dream. So it's hard to wrap your head around leaving a cherry gig writing for the small screen to become a baseball announcer. And yet that's exactly what Ken Levine did. (Then again, if your TV credits included Cheers, Frasier, and M*A*S*H, you might wonder what else there is for you to write.)

Lucky fo us, Levine hasn't been able to stay away from television entirely. On his blog, he offers his take on all aspects of the medium, with pieces geared towards fans and aspiring writers alike. Levine alternates between sharing stories about life in the writers' room while also offering his take on the state of modern television. Far from a curmudgeonly voice of the old guard, Levine is supportive and often impressed by a number of contemporary shows. He might just be at this best when he doesn't like a show though, as he doesn't hesitate to unleash his sharp, breezy wit on content that comes up short.