A communications degree exists to let the world know that you spent four years in a young adult holding cell and managed to attend class at least 40% of the time despite all of the Call of Duty to be played and weed to be smoked. If you ever talk to a communications major, and you ask them what they study, they respond with, "I'm a communications major with a focus in [insert B.S. here]." Real majors don't require this additional information. You don't often hear, "Oh, I'm a law student with a focus on..." or "I'm an engineering student  with a concentration in..." because the thing they are "focusing" on is the thing they are studying.  Let's face the facts: you are a communications major with a focus on graduating at best, and at worst you are a communications major with a focus on the perpetual existential crisis of having nothing in life that you are the least bit passionate about. Look on the bright side, most of your school's student-athletes will be communications majors; maybe they can score you courtside seats if you do their final project for them.