Game: MVP 2005

In real life, Barry Bonds' dominance (and yes we're aware he had some chemical help) was matched only by Babe Ruth. However after 2003 he was non-existent in video games since he made the peculiar decision to not allow the players association to use his likeness (and somehow he gets a reputation for being arrogant).

If it were us we would've just made a player named "Garry Gonds" who would never swing at bad pitches and we'd given him a 150 power rating on a scale of 0-99. However, EA Sports created the fictitious "Jon Dowd." Dowd was just as fearsome a slugger as Bonds, except he did it from the right side of the plate instead of the left. The only thing he lacked was an elbow pad hanging over the top of the strike zone. Oh yeah, also he was white. In the end Jon Dowd may not have been real but he still finished his career with as many championship rings as Bonds. And if our athlete clichés have taught us anything over the years that's all that matters.