Gamer: RajmanGamingHD
GameGod of War III

The Challenges of Olympus in God of War III are unlocked after you complete the game and they vary in difficulty from the feasible to the utterly insane. "Get Stoned," the third such challenge would be at the extreme end of the difficulty scale that's so obscene it makes the player feel as angry as the games protagonist, Kratos. It requires you to get frozen in stone ten times and break out without dying. Any time something hits you while you're encased in stone you will die and have to retry. That means, like a lot of entries on this list, all it takes is one slight misstep for the whole effort to come undone. The problem with this clip is that RajmanGamingHD makes it look so damn easy. But if you're skilled enough to have completed this challenge yourself, you know there's only one real way to do it, with a giant vein bulging in your forehead.