Gamer: N0Lif3
Game: BioShock

We really hope you've played through the greatest game of this generation. If not, we don't feel bad about the spoiler alert because, let's face it, this game's been out for five and a half years now.

The final boss of the game is Frank Fontaine. He's an arrogant prick throughout the adventure who brags about how he got you to do his dirty work. At one point he even plays a role in you beating your father to death with a golf club. At the end of the game Fontaine uses plasmids, (read: steroids that give you super powers) to evolve to a near godlike being only to get his ass steadily pumped by one man with a wrench on the game's hardest difficulty.

This YouTube user may be a bit too hard on himself (check his screen name). But we thank him for showing us an entertaining and efficient way of dealing with Rapture's most prominent smuggler. "No Life" we respect your ingenuity and reward it by making you a member of our not so prestigious club.