The smartphone-connected wearable tech market is getting quite saturated these days with devices like the Pebble Watch, the Cookoo Smartwatch and now the LinkMe.

The LinkMe is a bracelet that displays text messages on your wrist. Instead of walking or driving with your phone out, you'll be able to simply look down without potentially getting into an accident or walking into traffic. When you're not receiving Facebook messages, tweets or texts, LinkMe displays the time.

"With LinkMe, you can send a message with your smartphone via an easy-to-use app that will in turn be displayed on LinkMe. It’s that simple – in meetings, in class or when you have your hands full, you’ll be able to receive the messages that matter to you most," the project's Kickstarter states.

Linkme has currently raised nearly $13,000 with 36 days left on the crowdfunding platform. Even rapper 50 Cent has gotten involved in brainstorming process about the SMS wristlet.

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[via PSFK]