Despite what Randy Moss might think, Jerry Rice is by far the greatest wide receiver (and arguably the greatest player) in NFL history. He owns a bunch of records, including career touchdowns, receiving yards and 1000-yard receiving yet he's never even been considered for the cover of Madden NFL Football! That could all change this year. Rice, along with several other former greats are represented in the Old School bracket of the Madden 25 Cover Vote Tournament.

Just like in past years, fans vote in head-to-head matches for their favorite player until the next cover athlete is crowned, only this time the finale will features a new school player vs. an old school player. Hopefully this cuts down on overzealous fans stuffing the virtual ballot box for opposing players (we see you Peyton Hillis) so their guy doesn't become a victim of the dreaded Madden curse.

We caught up with the OG, Jerry Rice to talk Madden, video games and his chances at the cover.

When you were playing did anyone from EA ever approach you or your people about being on the cover of Madden?
No, never, no one approached me. I was saying, 'okay, why is this not happening?' Everyone says if you get on the cover something is going to happen, you'll get injured or whatever. I was willing to take that chance.

You beat Cris Carter in the play in, now you're a #1 seed in the tournament.
I love Cris and what he was able to bring to the game. The thing is with this, it all comes down to the fans and I never know how it’s going to go. I'm just hoping that they find it in their heart to make my dream of being on the cover of Madden Football come true. For that to happen it would be amazing.

You mentioned earlier how everyone talks about the Madden Curse. You're retired now so you don't have to worry about that but if you win, are you worried that the curse might affect your golf game?
Man, c'mon (laughs)! No I'm not worried about that. Put me on the cover. If anything it'll help my golf game. This is something that I really want.

Last year, we saw a lot of players like Arian Foster make funny viral videos to get fans to vote. Will you do any of that?
No, I believe that it’s about what you put out on the football field [as far as] your productivity. I'm not going to do anything extra. Of course I'm going to continue to interact with my fans on twitter and let them know how important this is to me.

One of the guys who was with you for many of your Super Bowl wins was Joe Montana. You two are in the same bracket.
Joe and I were able to accomplish some great things on the football field but I want to take him down. This is mano y mano right now brother. I got love but I'm sure Joe is looking at it the same way.

Do you play video games with your kids?
My son is crazy about it. He's very good at it. I try but I'm not that good. We play Madden and relive some of the old times and my son is really good but I pretty much suck at it.

So he'd be super excited if his dad made the cover?
Oh yeah, oh my God. I'd have to go out and buy so many [copies].

For those that read this, why should fans vote for you?
I was always playing for the fans because I wanted to give them the experience of a lifetime whenever they watched a football game. Plus also, I think I'd look good on the cover so if you vote me on there I'll represent them the right way and be very thankful.