Spring Breakers finally received wide release this weekend, only one week after dominating a total of three theaters it was released to in LA and NYC.

So, how's the movie faring now that it's showing nationwide? Unsurprisingly, rather well; though it earned $5 million to open in the number six spot, well behind other new releases like The Croods and Olympus Has Fallen, it was showing on a substantially less amount of screens than new films usually do. Whereas The Croods pulled in its $44.7 million over a total of 4000+ screens, Spring Breakers only opened to 1,100 screens, making its $5 million weekend gross a good start - even more so when you consider it only had a budget of $2 million. 

As for the rest of the box office this weekend: The Croods debuted to the top spot, followed by Olympus Has Fallen with $30.5 million. Oz the Great and Powerful took the third spot with an impressive $20 million earned, and The Call followed at number four with $8.7 million. Not so lucky was Tina Fey's new comedy Admission, which debuted disappointingly to the number five spot with only $6.4 million total.

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[via E! Online]