British actor Clive Mantle - best known for portraying Greatjon in Game of Thrones - was the victim of a brutal attack in Newcastle, England this past Sunday after he asked two men at a Travelodge hotel to keep their noise levels down, The Mirror is reporting. The two guests didn't take well to the criticism, and allegedly proceeded to attack Mantle outside of the hotel and bite a part of his ear off. 

Mantle's agent, Bryn Newton, spoke about the incident to The Mirror: "He was very polite. It was 4:30 in the morning and he was very tired. He returned to bed but when he went back outside there were two drunken Scotsmen," Newton explained. "He said to them 'If you don't keep the noise down I am going to call security' That's when they set about him. Even though he is a big guy they got him on the ground. One of them bit the top part of his right ear off. It was savage."

Mantle's ear was able to be reattached at a local Newcastle hospital, while two men - both 32 - were arrested for the attack. Police are still investigating, though, so one has not been charged, and the other was released on bail. 

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[via Gawker]