In an effort to make paywalls work, blogger Andrew Sullivan tweaked his pricing model this week. 

Now, rather than pay a flat fee of $20 per year to access his well-respected site, The Dish, subscribers will also have the option to pay $2 per month. Thus far, the blog has raised $653,000 toward its goal of $900,000 by next January, though reader funding has slowed down considerably since Sullivan parted ways with The Daily Beast in January and launched his own operation. At one point, he even let readers access five free stories every 60 days. 

In a blog posted Tuesday, Sullivan explained the thinking behind the new pricing model: 

"Well, you asked for it. In fact so many asked for it, so quickly, we feel bad it took us this long to get there. But today, we can announce a new way to subscribe to the Dish, which will, we hope, accommodate those of you (a considerable number) who are going through tough economic times and could use a lower barrier to entry and the option of canceling in the future if your budget tightens again.

"That’s a super-generous offer. $1.99-a-month seems a more reasonable sum – an app-like fee that simply gives you more options for payment. Like the $19.99-a-year option, we’re also leaving it up to you if you’d like to pay more – even if that’s only $2 or as much as $5. The point of course is to make this available to as many people at as many price points as you want and need, above a minimum baseline."

[via VentureBeat]