Year: 2006
Buyer: Escom LLC went through a lot before breaking into the Guiness Book of World Records for High Price Paid for a Domain. It started in 1994 when entrepreneur Gary Kremen (the man behind registered with Network Solutions. A year later, ownership of the domain was transferred to a man named Stephen M. Cohen. Why? Mr. Cohen tricked Network Solutions. Using forged letters and fax faxes, Cohen was able to convince the domain company to grant him ownership.

From there, Cohen set up a site filled with advertising that was registered 25 million hits a day. At one point, he was making up to $500,000 a month from the site. Kremen caught on and took Cohen to court for what turned into a five-year legal battle. In the end, Cohen was ordered to give up the domain and pay $40 million to Kremen for lost earnings. But before he could pay, Cohen fled to Mexico and was detained in Tijuana in 2005.