Since the Sean Connery-era of James Bond movies, we've been introduced to a long-list of inventions and high-tech goodies we would love to get our hands on—from the Rolex Submariner to the stealthy wetsuit with an deceivingly innocuous rubber duck glued to the top.

Let's face it: You'll probably never get that wetsuit. But, the myIDkey on Kickstarter may be the closest thing to a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner (seen in Diamonds Are Forever) the average person will be able to get their digits on. The stealthy USB drive is handy whether you want to protect your super-secret startup ideas, financial files or work passwords.

The voice-activated, fingerprint-locked and Bluetooth-capable drive was created by Aliso Viejo-based company called Arkami as a solution to the current "password problem." Admit it, you tend to use the same password multiple times or keep online locks super simple for memory's sake.

The device store hundreds of passwords, account numbers, documents, photos and videos. When you need something just swipe a finger and say a command such as "Chase Checking" for your information. The USB drive will display what you're asking for right away on its LED screen. Through the myIDkey smartphone app, you can access your files and more.

Plug in your unlocked myIDkey into your P.C. or Mac and it automatically fills in your password. If the device is ever lost or stolen, the myIDkey goes into self-destruct mode and automatically erases all the data when many failed swipes. The passwords can be restored onto a new device.

The myIDkey is currently available to Kickstarter backers who pledge $99. The project has raised $200,769 of the team's initial $150,000 goal with 25 days to go on the crowdfunding platform.

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