First Appearance: Superboy #216 (1976)
Creators: Cary Bates, Mike Grell

Being memorable isn’t necessarily a good thing, and no character epitomizes that better than DC’s ill-fated attempt at bringing a black character named Tyroc into the Legion of Superheroes stories. The character’s first appearance was in Superboy #216, a story that featured a kid version of the Man of Steel teaming up with the Legion of Superheroes in the distant future. And, of course, in the future all black people live apart from the white population on an island called Marzal.

Why did DC put all of the Earth's black people on an island? Because the company realized that its Legion comics featured characters of nearly every skin color: white, blue, red, green, but, for some reason, not one character was black. The company tried to rectify this by giving the black population its own island, led by Tyroc, a radical separatist. it's a move more insulting than if DC was to just ignore it all together.

Sporting a fierce afro and high-collared spandex disco suit, Tyroc soon became a symbol of the out-of-touch comic book writers who were soon to be ushered out by a new wave of progressive creators.