Public Policy Polling recently published the results of a study about how dining preferences are divided by political parties. From Feb. 21 to Feb. 24, some 500 Americans were interviewed via automated phone calls, and the findings were interesting.

For breakfast, 34 percent of Democrats prefer bagels and 32 percent enjoy croissants. As for Republicans, 35 percent enjoy donuts. 39 percent of Democrats chose KFC over Chick-fil-A, while 48 percent of Republicans preferred Chick Fil-A. Nearly half of the Democrat responders preferred "full calorie soda," and 42 percent of Republicans enjoy diet soda more.

The most interesting discovery of the entire survey regards what is considered "ethnic food." 43 percent of Republicans called Olive Garden a "quality source of authentic ethnic food," while 41 percent of Democrats disagreed.

[via Gawker]