According to a recent study, Facebook, more than any other social network, is said to have the biggest impact on its user's moods, both negative and positive. Report findings show that the tech giant the was the top site to cause both a heavy amount of stress as well as joy. 

 As Camille Bautista of Mashable reports:

Rebtel, a mobile voice over IP company similar to Skype, conducted the survey linking feelings to heavy and light social media use. Though most participants said no networks cause them stress or have a negative effect on their mood, Facebook came in as the top site for those whose emotions were affected. Facebook was followed by Twitter (4.7%) in bringing bad vibes ... Respondents were more likely to be positively influenced by social media, with 45.9% of people listing Facebook as the site with favorable effects on their mood. YouTube ranked at 17.5%, followed by LinkedIn.

As for reducing stress? We suggest you stop clicking through photo albums of your ex-girl and her new boyfriend.

[via Mashable]