Comedian and The Office co-creator Ricky Gervais is reviving his David Brent character for a charity telethon. David Brent was, of course, the original Michael Scott, Steve Carell's deluded boss on the US version of the The Office.

The UK show was only on for two seasons nearly ten years ago (it also starred Martin Freeman as Tim, the John Krasinski character), but it remains one of Gervais' best-loved performances. He did a tiny cameo on the US Office as Brent interviewing via Skype for the open regional manager position. 

He's gone on to several projects since then (you may remember him hosting the Golden Globes with delicious and unappreciated wit) including his shows Extras, Derek, and An Idiot Abroad. He probably gets asked to do David Brent all the time (like how Alfonso Ribeiro rarely does the Carleton Dance), but he said, "I thought it was time to revisit my most famous comedy creation to find out what he’s been up to for the last decade and most importantly what he’s up to now."

Gervais is making a mini episode of The Office where the documentary crew find Brent selling cleaning products and trying to make it in the music business. It will premiere March 15 as part of a Comic Relief telethon on the BBC.

You can watch an Ali G-style teaser above, but catch the un-embeddable trailer over at his YouTube channel.

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[via Deadline]