Rumors are flying that Apple's turning its 4-inch iPhone into a nearly 5-inch device, though it wouldn't be seen until after this year. It seems likely given the growing competition between Apple and Android phones, and how convenient it would be for the company to decrease its pixel density—from 326 pixels per inch to 264 ppi—so that it matches the density of the full-sized iPad, as Mac Rumors points out. It would certainly cut down on production costs if the company could use the same machinery to produce the iPhone it does for the full-sized iPad. 

To that end, the site's commissioned CiccareseDesign to draft up a mockup of this device, which you can print from Mac Rumors' site. It features an "almost" 5-inch display, based on the iPhone 5's current design. All you need is a printer, the patience to fold, and still more patience to tack on screenshots from various existing apps the site scaled up to size. 

We can't promise you'll like the experience, but we can hint you'll need both your hands for the test.

[via Mac Rumors]