Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are that rare celebrity couple that actually doesn't make you want to barf. They seem geniunely in love and manage to be hilarious at the same time. Offerman plays manly man Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation; Mullally is his diabolical librarian ex-wife, Tammy 2. 

The pair recently gave a joint interview answering reader questions about relationship advice. They fell in love without looking for it. "In fact, we were both looking rather in the other direction when we ran smack into it. Also of note, we got engaged 18 months in, and it was a full three years before Megan whipped her dick out and showed me who’s boss. (Her dick is my boss)" Offerman said.

He also advises to give your significant other gifts or thoughtful cards whenever you feel like it, instead of putting pressure on Christmas, Valentine's Day, and other gift-giving holidays. Mullally tells another reader, "If you think 10 farts per evening [from your husband] is bad, you had better give it another think." Sage advice for any young lady.

Offerman and Mullally have been married since 2003, and are our last hope in celebrity love since Amy Poehler and Will Arnett broke up. Long live Ron and Tammy!

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[via the A.V. Club]