LinkedIn has pulled the plug on Bang With Professionals, a sex application hoping to use the social network's API to virtually and easily hook up coworkers.

The LinkedIn no-strings-attached sex app was inspired by the massive launch of the Bang With Friends leveraging Facebook's friend network. In a few days, the app's young and socially connected user base topped more than 30,000.

The founders of Bang With Professionals introduced the online coitus-initiating tool by saying, "the whole idea kind of started as a joke." Bang With Professionals was built in just three days. The developers believed Linkedin had the potential to offer an intimate network of coworkers and interesting professionals to possibly canoodle with. LinkedIn blames the app's promotion of "adult activities" for the shutdown as it goes against its developer terms of use agreement.

Visiting the website now, you'll find a message that reads: "We all had a good laugh!" from the creators. Meanwhile, the Facebook application Bang Your Friends that anonymously tells you which of your friends are down for a night of effortless shagging, is still going strong. The makers of the Facebook sex app revealed to Mashable that its registered about five new users per minute.

[via AllThingsD]