The manhunt for Christopher Dorner may be over, but the LAPD believes it may cost millions of dollars. An exact figure hasn't been provided and the final bottom line may never be released to the public, but the hunt for Dorner is being hailed as "one of the largest law enforcement operations in recent memory."

The expense is so high, in fact, that Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has urged his staff to research whether federal or state funds can be used to aid the city and other localities. Lt. Andy Neiman says that the LAPD is "looking at it kind of like the fire departments do when there is a big regional event...."The chief has directed we look to see if any grants are available for an emergency situation."

Below is a list of just some of the resources used to stop Dorner:

• At its peak, 125 law enforcement officers from several agencies worked through snowy weather while on search teams in the Big Bear Lake area.

• Roughly 275 Los Angeles police officers were assigned to protect 50 potential Dorner targets and their family members.

• Two helicopters equipped with FLIR technology, which employs thermal imagery, were used to detect body heat.

• FBI crime lab and profiling resources were also used.

The city of Los Angeles gives about $1.2 billion of its $4 billion budget to the LAPD. Assistant city administrator Patty Huber says that L.A.'s $229 million in budget reserves should be enough to cover the hunt for Dorner should the LAPD need to make a "supplemental budget request."

[via LA Daily News]