The movie that had everyone going out to buy hand sanitizer in bulk might be making its way to your living room soon, because, according to Coming Soon, Contagion could be turned into a TV series in the near future. The site recently caught up with the movie's writer, Scott Z. Burns, who said this about the potential televised adaptation:

We've been talking about turning it into a TV series and I think it may have a life there. It has some of the properties inherently like Homeland and 24 where you can really explore outbreaks and pandemics in interesting ways. Like this story, they take you to unexpected places, whether it's drug companies or governments or scientists or people with political agendas. All of these things, once they’re out there, can be coopted from a lot of different angles.

There was a rumor about a possible Contagion movie sequel not too long ago, but with director Steven Soderbergh apparently not interested in coming back, the idea of a TV series is much more appealing to us. With shows on AMC, Showtime, and HBO delivering cinematic quality on a weekly basis, we think Contagion would be a perfect fit, especially since you can watch it from your own personal germ-free bubble.

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[via Coming Soon]


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