The iPhone 6 device could be Apple's most diverse yet, at least according to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White who was cited by Forbes

Asserting that both the iPod Touch and iPod Nano come in pink, yellow, blue, silver and slate, among other colors, White says it only makes sense for Apple to turn out multiple versions of the rumored iPhone 6 and iPad, because that's what the company's good at. The former products were successful "testing grounds" for color, he reasons, and the tech giant already participates in the 'red campaign' with red-colored iPods. This spring, he predicts the next version of the iPhone could come in as many as eight different colors, and the iPad could boast just as many.

Seeing as Apple's at the top of its game, White also believes Apple will release iPhones in various screen sizes in order to expand its reach and disrupt markets abroad. A well-priced iPhone mini could do just that in India and China, while a larger-screen model could trump the recently updated 4-inch phone here in the States, where phones are already getting bigger and better. 

 [via Forbes]