If this list teaches you anything, it’s that the British do crime-comedies better than anyone. In Snatch, director Guy Ritchie saturates every frame of the movie with the criminal culture, from thieves gunning to steal a rare diamond to a crooked boxing promoter (played by Jason Statham). And with a mix of A-list stars, like Brad Pitt and Benicio del Toro, and sleazy character actors, like Vinnie Jones and Dennis Farina, this movie brings cynical comedy to the world of organized crime.

What really makes Snatch stand out, though, is the style that Ritchie brought to it. Similar to Danny Boyle’s raw, filthy approach to the underworld, Ritchie’s quick cuts and innovative camera shots give the whole thing a twisted energy that most movies can only hope to recreate. Add in some sharp dialogue and memorable set pieces—like del Toro’s Hasidic Jew jewel heist in the film’s opening moments—and you have a crime-comedy that packs in some style, as well laughs.