Could any other movie have taken the top spot besides Pulp Fiction? Some people might not consider this a crime-comedy in the traditional sense, but when you deliver non-stop laughs while also showering audiences with robberies and murders on the screen at a rapid-fire pace, you fall comfortably into the genre in our opinion. From the opening scene with Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer making small talk before robbing a diner, to Jules and Vincent Vega executing some two-timing underlings, this movie is filled with banter and dialogue that isn’t just hilarious but highly quotable as well.

What makes Pulp Fiction work so well is that it is played completely straight; never once do you believe that the characters on screen are meant to make you laugh. But the quotes are so sharp and the actors are all so brilliant that it’s almost impossible to keep a straight face for more than five minutes. Even scenes as mundane as the one between Travolta and Uma Thurman at the 1950s-themed restaurant is brilliantly funny, simply because you have the criminal world juxtaposed with slice-of-life rants like you would see in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Pulp Fiction is a movie that doesn’t neatly adhere to just one genre, but that doesn’t stop it from being the best crime-comedy that we have ever seen.