As you know, there are two critical factors to successfully losing weight: a regular exercise regimen and a strict diet. And now, thanks to HAPIfork, the smart utensil that monitors your eating habits, dieting just got a littler easier.

Developed by HAPIlabs, the electronic utensil records when you start and end your meal, your servings per minute, and how long you take to eat. It also tracks the intervals between bringing the fork from your plate to your mouth during a meal, and when you are eating to fast it vibrates, as a sign you should probably slow down. 

Eating habits are then transmitted to your HAPIfork account, either by Bluetooth or by connecting to the computer via USB. HAPIlabs is additionally working on a spoon version.

The complete USB-only enabled dinner set is slated to launch in March, retailing at $99. Pre-order your HAPIfork here.  

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[HAPIlabs via Mashable]