We wish we had the patience and dedication to tackle anything as astoundingly, overwhelmingly major as WesterosCraft's recreation of Game of Thrones' city of King's Landing. So far the longest project we've ever worked on was getting every achievement in Dark Souls, and believe us, we have very little to show for that.

We've seen Westeros recreated in Minecraft before, but this latest project brings a level of detail that surpasses even the amazing works that came before it.

Here are some details from redditor pizzainacup:

It took me and about 100 other builders a little over 4 months to build the whole thing. We estimate theres around 3000 unique buildings, all hand made and all fully decorated on the interior.

Pizza also said that in total they've got about 70 percent of the entire continent of Westeros finished. This is truly mind-boggling.

Anyway, who's excited for the Game of Thrones season 3 premiere in March?

[via reddit]