Just a few days after it was announced that two writers have been hired to pen the Terminator 5 script, Bleeding Cool has revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has confirmed his involvement in the project during a recent press tour for The Last Stand. Here is what Schwarzenegger said, according to a report by The Fan Carpet:

There are three projects being written right now that I am involved in - Terminator 5, a new Conan movie and also the sequel to Twins, which is called Triplets, with three of us all looking quite different, it's got Eddie Murphy in it, so figure that one out. Even though I'm 65 years old I'm just as hungry for doing more movies, doing bigger movies, better movies, working with interesting actors and interesting directors.

There have been rumors floating around about Schwarzenegger’s involvement in the next Terminator movie, but at 65 we couldn’t just assume that he would be physically ready for the role, or that there would even be a place for him in the story. However, this is Arnold that we’re talking about, and, despite The Last Stand flopping hard at the box office, he’s synonymous with the Terminator series. As we saw in Terminator Salvation, it's just not the same without him in it. 

With what little information we have, we’re still not sure if this will be a starring role or a cameo, much like he did for The Expendables. But when Terminator 5 eventually does come out, you can likely expect the man who made the franchise famous to be back in some capacity.

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