Network: FOX
Stars: Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Jeananne Goossen, Maggie Grace, Natalie Zea, Adan Canto, Nico Tortorella, Shawn Ashmore, Valorie Curry, Michael Roark
Premieres: January 21

Why we're excited: Scream scribe Kevin Williamson has already made TV lightning strike on the low, on The CW's underrated but highly entertaining The Vampire Diaries. Now he's trying out for the big leagues with a different lane in the horror genre, on FOX's upcoming The Following.

The series follows Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy, a celebrated FBI profiler who gained his fame after collaring super-smart serial killer (aren't they all) Joe Carroll (Purefoy). Naturally, you can't keep a good sociopath down, but Carroll's return isn't a straightforward one: He's developed a cult of followers from his prison cell and marshaled them via the great worldwide web.

The brilliant American Horror Story series made horror-for-TV a relevant genre again, but in the wake of vampires, ghosts, and otherwise supernatural over-saturation, the slasher sub-genre has been begging for the small-screen treatment. If anyone is up to the task, it's Williamson, a guy who knows a thing or two about revitalizing the horror genre.