Air dates: June 15, 1999-June 19, 2004
Stars: Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope, Bill "The Fox" Foster, Aaron Hamill

Acknowledging the cleverness at work during episodes of Comedy Central's long-defunct The Man Show is, understandably, difficult—you try recognizing satirical wit while the Juggy Dance Squad's scantily clad beauties bounce up and down all up in your face.

Take a second to ignore the jiggling jugs, however, and you'll see that co-creators Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel were responsible for some slick fun-poking aimed at stereotypes of masculinity. Never losing sight of its playful tone, The Man Show exaggerated the things dudes wholeheartedly love (beer, chicks, bikinis, and more beer) in an attempt to salute those vices while simultaneously spoofing those who take them too far.